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The Ultimate Playoffs Leading to the Ultimate Prize!

Carlos Lara, Writer

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Could your super team win the Super Bowl?!

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched programs on tv in the world.


What’s going to happen February 5 at Houston Superbowl 51! An average of 114.4 million people watch the Super Bowl and I’m one of them. The ticket prices, are $4,000-15,000  PER seat. The game will be at the NRG stadium in Houston. Who will be hosting the halftime show everyone wants to watch? Lady Gaga! The songs she will sing are “Million Reasons,” “Perfect Illusion,” “Bad Romance”. This is her fourth appearance in a Super Bowl according to Sports, the Falcons advance to the NFC championship after beating the Seahawks 20-36, the Packers also advanced to the championship when they beat the Cowboys 31-34 Saturday evening. While the Packers and the Falcons advance to the championship, the Patriots defeated the Texans and got a spot in the AFC championship when they killed the Texans 34-16 in Gillette stadium. While in Massachusetts, the Steelers went ahead and beat the Chiefs at Kansas City 18-16. All of the Steeler’s points were from Chris Boswell scoring field goals which is crazy! According to SB  it claims, “Chris Boswell did something on Sunday that no other player in NFL history has ever done before. The Steelers kicker booted a league-record six field goals in a single playoff game, surpassing players like Adam Vinatieri and Matt Bahr.”A East Hall High School student Isaiah Goff claimed that the Packers are going to beat the Falcons and win the Super Bowl. The Falcons might go to the Super Bowl with their home advantage as their last game in the Georgia Dome. A lot of People want the Packers to win the Super Bowl but, they’re aren’t sure of going because the Falcons have done great this season,  but they said the Patriots are taking it all the way with Tom Brady having the record of most wins in the NFL as regular and playoff games. Have you ever wondered how much a commercials costs during a Super bowl? The cost is from $4.5 million to 5 million,

according to It’s down to four teams. They will be playing for the conference title and a spot in the Super Bowl.The Super Bowl will be at 6:30 pm eastern time on FOX.

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The Ultimate Playoffs Leading to the Ultimate Prize!