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Inauguration Day Protests

Millions of Americans unite to practice the first amendment.

President Trump taking presidential oath.

President Trump taking presidential oath.

President Trump taking presidential oath.

Jazmin Madera, Writer

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There are over two dozen groups that applied to get a permit to protest at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Each protest group had its own reasons to protest or to protect President Trump. Mostly all groups that applied for a permit were protesting against Trump, but there was one specific group that wanted to protect him, and that is the Bikers for Trump group. According to, they want to inform people on issues America is facing and want to inform people correctly about President Trump’s plans. They planned on marching at John Marshall Park to celebrate President Trump on election day. The Bikers for Trump estimated about 5,000 people to protest with them. Their protest was supposed to be peaceful, but there was some violence against other protesters.

The Progressive Independent Party also had around 15,000 participants. It is a group of people that support Bernie Sanders and want to fight for what he believes in. According to, they marched at Anacostia Park, President’s Park, Washington Monument Grounds, White House sidewalk, Farragut Square, McPherson Square, and did a freedom of speech demonstration.

ANSWER Coalition was also a group that protested, it was separated into two different rallies and had a total of about 20,000 people protest for their cause. According to, their main purpose is to stop racism against immigrants and muslims. Their main protest was against war, racism and stopping Trump’s plan in office. As reported by, they were marching at White House sidewalk, Lafayette Park, The Ellipse Surrounding the White House, and Freedom Plaza.

There was also a march at Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool plaza for Martin luther King, it was mainly for a renewal of the MLK monument which had  around 20,000 people. There was also the National Action Network whose purpose is to keep MLK’s dream alive and let Obama’s legacy live on. They had a total of around 25,000 people and protested at Washington Monument Grounds, West Potomac Park and Riverfront, South of Memorial Bridge.

The American Constitution Society believes that the law should be used to help the people. They protested at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and there were around 50,000. The Gathering for Justice, Bob Bland, and Fountain Pearson all applied under the same permit, and according to, they gathered the largest crowd for for their cause about 200,000. Their purpose was to show the Trump administration and Congress that women’s rights are human rights. They wanted to protest for women’s rights, which then was the start of the Women’s March on Washington the day after the inauguration.

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Inauguration Day Protests