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Be Classy East Hall

East Hall’s lunch room found in a total mess

Lisette Carrillo, Editor

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On January 19, 2017 I walked passed the cafeteria and saw trash everywhere on the floor. I was so disappointed in how the students left the cafeteria a mess after lunch. We have the privilege to be fed in a nice and clean cafeteria everyday. The janitors should not have to clean up after 14-18 year olds. We should care about how our janitors feel when they see such a huge mess. One of the janitors, Jane said, “The cafeteria is always a mess and sometimes it is hard to clean it all up.” She also implied that, “It is the student’s school and they should respect it and not leave it a huge mess.” The picture shown only shows a third of the cafeteria. Imagine how the whole thing looks. Some students say, “Well that is the janitor’s job to clean up.” That statement maybe half true, but we still need to show respect and clean up our mess. Even though we may not have made the mess, it is a good thing to just pick up a plastic wrapper or empty water bottle and throw it away. We have the responsibility as people to clean up after ourselves and make sure our area is clean.

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