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Teachers don’t live their lives in school!?

Ms. Grier's interesting hobby

Andrea Corona, Writer

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Students often think that teachers don’t have a life outside of school. For example, students often think that teachers spend their free time outside of school planning ways to torture us with school work. Some people may be very surprised by this,but they don’t! Students may be very shocked to find out that teachers are the same as students except with a little bit more wisdom. Teachers are same as students have hobbies and families that they enjoy spending time with.

Ms.Grier is a great example because she is often looked at to be a teacher that is very efficient in her grading by many students. This is the case because she has a reputation of always grading papers very precisely and fast. For example, when the class takes a test she will have that test graded by the next day with comments on mistakes; let us not forget that she does this for 5 classes!

What many students don’t know about Ms.Grier is that she has a really strange unique hobby, Ms.Grier enjoys going to real estate sales! She says that she has enjoyed going to real estate sales for a while now.

She told me that real estate sales are basically big yard sales. She said that whenever people die and their things are left in their house that the real estator goes and puts prices on the things inside the house and then people go and buy the things they like. Yes, you read this correctly Ms. Grier has purchased wigs before.When I asked her how far she had traveled to go to one she said that the farthest place she had gone to was Maine. She however did not solely go just for the real estate sale. She went on a planned vacation.

Ms. Grier confessed that she goes to real estate sales frequently, but what does she do with all the things she gets? Does she keep them or does she sell them? Some things that she liked she keeps and other things she didn’t want to keep she would sell on ebay. She told me that the most money she had wasted on an item was around $200. She wasted this on a theorem painting. What  did completely astonish me was how much she sold this painting for. She sold the painting for $1,000! Now that is a profit!

Teachers are just like students. They have hobbies and families they enjoy spending their time with just like we do. Now that we know that teachers do have a life outside of school I hope that we will start looking at teachers differently. I know now that I will most definitely look at Ms.Grier differently.

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Teachers don’t live their lives in school!?