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What you don’t know about an inauguration!

Fun facts about inauguration history!

Andrea Corona, Writer

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I have always been too young to comprehend how much it really meant when our country got a new president until this past election. I believe this is the case because of how young I was, but now that I’m getting older it’s time for me to start seeing the realities of our country if I wish to be a good citizen. At the beginning of the whole presidential election I didn’t really worry too much about it because I thought it was so far away, but little did I realize that time would go flying by. On January 20 our country got a new president and I was very interested in seeing how the whole process went so I tuned in to watch the inauguration. While I was watching it I had a couple of questions about the whole thing in general so I decided to do some research I found some interesting facts.


  • According to the Constitution Daily news paper,George Washington started the tradition of using a Bible in 1789.
  • After Washington’s first inauguration, March 4 became the official day for the start of a new administration for 140 years then the 20th Amendment moved the day to January 20 – closer to the start of a new Congress.
  • The Chief Justice of the United States is the one that usually administers the oath. This is always the case unless the president dies. The only time a woman has ever administered the Oath of office was when President John F. Kennedy died.
  • It is said that when Barack Obama became president he had to be sworn in four times. He was sworn in twice in 2009 because the Chief Justice didn’t say the oath in the correct order so the next day they did it again privately because they worried that he wasn’t the president. Then in 2012 he had to be sworn in twice again because January 20 landed on a Sunday so they did that one in the White House then on Monday they did it in front of the nation. He is the second president that has been sworn in four times besides FDR.
  • There have been a total of 45 presidents in our country but there’s a record on how many people have attended an inauguration. This record was broken in 2009 when president Barack Obama became President the record is 1.8 million. The record used to be held by president Lyndon Johnson who had a total of 1.2 million people attend his inauguration.
  • According to CNN, the term “So help me God” was not put there until George Washington added it in his first inauguration. After every other president added it as well and now it has became a tradition.
  • The president must make his oath on  January 20 at exactly 12:00 pm.

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts and that they made you a little more knowledgeable in our countries inauguration. After doing this research I feel like I am now a better citizen than what I was before doing the research. I am very excited in being able to vote on our next candidate and hopefully I will be able to attend the inauguration that will be taking place in four years.

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What you don’t know about an inauguration!