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Building a wall: Yes or No?

Could building a wall be a good idea or bad?

Lizbeth Castrejon, Writer

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A topic that has caused quite a stir since Mr. Donald Trump was a presidential candidate has been the idea of building a wall between the U.S and Mexican border. This has caused a conflict to rise up among the people, but could it actually be a good idea or a total disaster? Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration, the gangs and violence, and to stop the drugs from coming into the United States.

According to BBC News, President Trump “has issued an executive order for an “impassable physical barrier” to be built along the US border with Mexico.” In an interview with ABC News, Trump said that Mexico will “absolutely 100 percent” pay for the wall. The problem with this is that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto televised that Mexico will not pay for any wall the U.S is building. “I regret and reject the decision of the U.S. to build the wall…Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said time again; Mexico will not pay for any wall.” If the United States and Mexico are not going to pay for the wall then who is? Could this cause a serious conflict to rise if both countries refuse to pay for the construction?

A couple of students of East Hall decided to say what they thought of the wall.  A student who asked to be anonymous said “Building a wall is not going to stop all these things from happening. Although it may slow down illegal immigration, it won’t put a stop to it. If people are determined to cross the border and see a wall, they are more likely to climb over it or go underneath it. Anywhere you go, there will always be some sort of evil as well as there being drug addicts. I think Trump has just labeled Hispanics as those kinds of people.” Another student, Jose Arredondo, who has strong opinions of President Trump said, “Politics are divisive. There’s always one side or the other in politics and the situations that go with politics. Everyone has their opinions and there will always be an opposing one. The idea of a wall in my eyes, creates nothing more than fear, and a new market for bigger and taller ladders to be made.  One side or another and Republican or Democrat is one thing. But this is not what it’s about. This is about a maniac who is driven by nothing but ego, a man who cares exactly zero about the people around him. A person who brags about sexually assaulting women, and making fun of the way they look. That is all backed by the 2 million more people who didn’t vote for him.”

Mike Matuska, who agrees on building the wall, said, “I’m for the wall because it will slow down the flow of illegal immigrants and it will slow down the flow of drugs and drug money coming into America. We also need to know more about the people before they come here because we will allow people to come into the country but we don’t always want to let criminals and thieves into the country.” Haley Walls, who also agrees, stated, “We already have lots of immigrants that don’t have their green cards and I think Donald Trump is trying to stop that.  Also there are a lot of people living in one community so everything is overflowing and we won’t have as much if this continues.”

Any student who gave their opinion, could not give just a “yes” or “no” there was always something behind it. That was expected considering the amplitude of the situation the nation has on its hands. The main reason it was almost impossible without hearing a comment almost directly after their immediate answer was because many people have different views on our president. Weather they were against Trump or for him, there was different views as in people who are for him, may agree with only certain things as well as the people who are against him may only disagree with only certain things.

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Building a wall: Yes or No?