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Coach Gray Excited to Kick it Off

Sara Holtzclaw, Staff Writer

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There’s a lot of excitement in the air with the football season rolling around the corner. We interviewed Coach Gray regarding the upcoming season.

When asked about his expectations for the players on the team, Coach Gray stated: “Our kids to play the best of their ability and to give it everything they’ve got.”

We also asked about what the team has improved on since last season. Coach Gray said that they have shown much progress in leadership, competitiveness, work ethic, and bonding.

When asked if he was proud of the team, he said this:

“Yes! So far, yes I am. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished so far. I’m proud of their attitude. I’m proud of everything.”

Coach Gray showed some excitement when asked about the kickoff to the season on Friday. He said that the team is going do their best and give it their all.


We also interviewed a player on the football team named Gionni Williams. He’s a freshman that’s been playing football for 7 years. Although Gionni also plays basketball, he made it clear that football is his favorite sport to play. Unlike Coach Gray’s expectations of everyone trying their hardest, Gionni expects the team to be undefeated and to win championships. Gionni is working very hard in football. He hopes to get a scholarship and to be in the NFL one day. But for now, we, as students, can just hope the best for our team and give them all the support we can.

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Coach Gray Excited to Kick it Off