Dylan Griffin and Jessa Yonce, Staff Writers

“Ladies and Gentlemen, now presenting your 2017 edition of the East Hall Viking Marching Band,” says Craig Cantrell as the band marches onto the field for their halftime performance.  On Friday, August 18th the Viking band performed their 6 minutes “Friday Night Pop-Show!

“The shows are coming along fine, but it is going to take time to fine tune all the drill and the memorization of music,” says the new assistant band director Bruce Mangan. “There are different genres of music plucked out of different movies and pop songs. The beginning of the show starts out slow and majestic and then ends up with up to date music that the audience can dance along to.”

Practices for the show began in late June and will end in the fall. The band has prepared a shorter show for the first three half time performances and an estimated 9-minute show for the rest of the season and all competitions.

As these students work hard preparing for all performances and competitions, we go to a ninth grader’s perspective on their first show.

“The shows this year are pretty upbeat and fun to march to. The drill has been so far easy to learn, however, the music hasn’t been too good. It is a little different this year because some of the seniors are gone”