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Alone at the Top: Vikings Softball Beats North Hall

Steffanie Redmon, Staff Writer

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East Hall softball continues their winning streak in region play yesterday afternoon by beating North Hall 2-0 at their home field.

“This game means more to us than almost anything”, said sophomore Macy Banks who pitched a complete game winning shutout against North Hall. Peyton Turner drove in a run for East Hall and Cierra Pedraza laid down a bunt to move Peyton into scoring position. The biggest play of the game came from Carley Cox who, after fielding a hard ground ball in center field, threw the ball to Abigail Brown who was waiting at home plate to tag the runner out to end the game. While the girls were packing up I got the chance to talk to Cierra Pedraza about what it felt like to best North Hall.


Cierra:  “We’ve been told since our freshman year that we weren’t good enough to beat North Hall so it feels good to finally get that off of our chests.”


I know today was a huge game but what did it feel like walking off of that field for you as a senior?


Cierra: It felt like we had just won region again, everyone from North Hall has been posting things on social media about us and we had to remind the girls that we shouldn’t say anything before the game. We kept telling them to just wait and show them what we could do on the field. Everyone likes to talk, but not everyone likes to prove it and we did last night. Period.


That’s awesome, how do you feel you played as a team today?


Cierra: That’s actually something we have been struggling with for a while now, it’s hard to get 13 teenage girls to get along even if it’s only for a couple of hours. We have our fights and our disagreements but on the field we forget about all of that. The only things we are focused on is winning the game and that’s what we did today.  


Do you think that y’all could’ve played better today?


Cierra: I think that as a team we could’ve hit better but we had unexpected people come in clutch. We scored 2 runs in the second inning and even though we didn’t score again we knew as a team that if we weren’t going to hit we had to play good defense and that’s exactly what we did.


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  1. Jill Damron on September 6th, 2017 4:01 pm

    A very good article with lots of information. Good questions that were not cliché. I look forward to reading more!

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Alone at the Top: Vikings Softball Beats North Hall