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  • East Hall Volley Ball improved 23-5 beating Pickens and Cherokee

  • EHHS Football Defeats Chestatee 56 - 41

  • EHHS Volleyball #8 in State!

  • Digital Learning Day is Sept. 26th

Before the Big Day

The Viking Band works hard to prepare for competition.

The Viking Band works hard to prepare for competition.

Daniela Carrasco

Daniela Carrasco

The Viking Band works hard to prepare for competition.

Daniela Carrasco, Staff Writer

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Throughout all the hot days of summer learning the show, to the Tuesday and Thursday practices, and to all the time perfecting every little move. All of this has lead up to one day, competition day. That day is very important because, after all this time, your performance is finally going to be judged. It is the day where you will see other bands that you’ve never seen perform. It’s a day where every participant is nervous, excited, and ready to march onto the field.


In an interview with an unnamed band student, they shared their thoughts on how the first competition will be. We asked them several questions about how they think the competition will go, their expectations, and their thoughts on it.


When asked what results they expect from the competition they replied,

“I feel like we’ll do really good because we’ve been working very hard since summer. We’ll do good.”


They said that they think that they are prepared because overtime they have been watching their moves and making sure to fix their mistakes. They also said that although the band as a whole has made many mistakes; that they will hopefully do good because they have been working really hard these last months.


Another thing that they said was,

“One thing that I’m excited for is to see and meet people from the other bands, and watch them perform.”


Though this can be nerve-racking, competitions can be a very exciting and new time for people. They get to socialize with other students like them and enjoy time together. It can be fun cheering on the other bands and seeing all the shows.


Competition is a very fun, but very scary, experience that all participants feel. It also a time to connect with other people, and see many great bands. The first competition will be October 7th and will last almost all day. Come and support our band and all the others at next Saturday’s competition.

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Before the Big Day