Behind the Curtains

Tania Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Behind the Curtains

By: Tania Gonzalez

“Our Place” is an amazing play, but what really made this play great is the effort that happens behind the curtain.  Backstage crew moving the set in and out, making sure that all the props are there, and the actor rehearsing their lines at the last minute before taking it up on the stage.

Talking to the director Aimee Jordan before the show, she spoke about how they have been preparing for this play for about two months now. Aimee chose “Our Place” because it’s such a realistic  play and she said, “The fact that it has something that pretty much everyone can relate to.”

Also, the students have been preparing for this play for around two months and are waiting impatiently behind the curtains. Walking back and forth, mumbling back there lines before going on stage. Elias Herrera, who plays Cory, has spoken out that backstage he would rehearse his line and before he goes on he calms himself and clears his mind from anything.  Elias says, “ the nervousness makes me perform better.” Annesty Alexander plays Liberty in Our Place, and this is her first time performing to an audience.    Annesty says that while waiting backstage for her scenes, one thing that is going across her mind is I quote, “I might forget my line and get nervous last minute and freeze up.” Oscar Gonzalez plays Al in Our Place, and is feeling pretty positive about the play as he says, “I’m feeling nervous and excited I hope that this play goes well from start to finish.”  He had a positive attitude throughout the whole show.  

At the end of the day, the show went well. Everyone that was part of the show did great. Thanks to the backstage crew, sound crew, lighting crew, actors and of course big thanks to the director that put all of this together, Aimee Jordan.