Social Media Effecting Our Lives… and Grades

Stephanie Madera Del-Toro, Staff Writer



According to recent studies, Snapchat and Instagram are the two most popular social media applications. About half of students at East Hall use social media either in a positive or negative way. Most teachers see this in a negative way because it interrupts their learning and impacts their grade


Most students use social media to talk to friends or keep up with the world. Some of the students interviewed said that it does impact their grades or interrupt their learning. Other say it is not a problem and it does not affect them. If you were to ask the teachers of east hall about half of them or more than half would say technology is a problem in the school.


Seniors at East Hall have been shown to use social media since it is their last year, they have a little bit more freedom. They mostly use it to communicate with people about school or other school related activities. The ninth graders don’t really use social media because they are new and don’t know what to expect but they also use it in a negative way. Social media is a problem at this school but it depends on how you use it that can cause a problem.