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The Forgotten Holiday

Dinasia Simpson, Staff Writer

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Almost everyone’s favorite holiday is Christmas and their favorite part is opening their presents. But what about Thanksgiving?


Way back in 1621 the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag  Indians shared a feast in giving thanks which today is known as Thanksgiving.  Ever since that day individuals have been celebrating Thanksgiving once a year.


Now it’s a little early to talk about Thanksgiving but some people jump straight to christmas and this is a reminder that there is a holiday before ol saint Nick comes. Some of you guys are excited for christmas but chill.


Some people’s favorite thing about this holiday is, of course, the food (and also family).


Some people have shared their feelings and their favorite thing about Thanksgiving. A teacher, Mrs. Prillaman, says her favorite thing about this holiday is hanging out with her brothers.

When asked why she said, ‘I don’t get the opportunity to hang out with them because we live far apart but two times we get together.” Those two times are Thanksgiving and Christmas.


When asked about her favorite thing about thanksgiving, a student, Kiara Ellison, said she likes getting together with her family.

“It’s my favorite because I get to see them and talk to then and get to see the part of my family that I never really get to see.”


Thanksgiving is a holiday just not for eating lots of food, but to give thanks that you are still alive and be thankful for everything you have, good and bad.


Remember to give thanks this year and be thankful, also what’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

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Dinasia Simpson, Staff Writer

This is my 2nd year in journalism, and I am in the 10th grade. I like to draw/ paint with watercolor,  write short horror stories and watch a lot of YouTube. I want to become a great artist and have all my art everywhere.

The types of stories I would like to write for the newspaper is stories about student life.



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The Forgotten Holiday