Cute and Cozy


Tania Gonzalez, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the season where we put away the shorts and bring out the sweats pants. But we all don’t want to go walking around at school like a  sack of potatoes. We went to look cozy but classy.      

One of the many essential that is popular to wear in the fall is the high knee boots., which are also referred to as riding boots.

 Jenni Grimaldo spoke out on her go-to outfit for fall which was I quote, “One outfit that I like to put together is pair up my boots with some jeans and a nice shirt with my knitted cardigan.”

This has been a very popular outfit in the fall, what most people do that I have noticed is replace their high knee boots with ankle boots.  

Another fall outfit that you can put together last minute is getting some uggs, legging and in other sizes, sweater and you are ready to go. This outfit has been worn in that past by lots of people so if you don’t want to be too classy than this outfit is just right. 

Student Lidia Wingo says, “I put this outfit together whenever I’m running late and it’s still comfy and cute.”

For the last outfit that most people would wear around the fall, time is a mini dress or skater dress that they would pair up with some leggings. They would add a cardigan or jacket with some ankle boots.  

These are the outfits that most people will wear during the fall that is cozy but cute. They are easy to put together, so if you’re running late it’s just a nice outfit to have.