Thankful Season or Just ‘The Season’?

Holly Poole, Staff Writer

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The spooky season is over and the thankful season is approaching, or as some see it, just The Season. Now that Halloween has passed, many people are debating on whether it is time for Thanksgiving decorations or Christmas decorations. Some of the students who attend East Hall have already begun to set up their Christmas trees and decorations.

When interviewed, Alex Rodriquez said ¨Christmas is my favorite holiday and I just couldn’t wait until after Thanksgiving so I went ahead and set my tree up.¨

The debate for which is better, Christmas or Thanksgiving, has even hit social media. Many people believe that it is time for the Christmas decorations, but others are a little annoyed that everyone wants to skip over the holiday dedicated to being thankful and eating.

This time of year seems to be unlike any other when it comes to being with family members and just having a joyful time wherever you are. No matter what you think is better, this is a great time to set up the decorations for either holiday and just simply enjoy the friends and family you have surrounding you.


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