What Makes a Good Student?

Lakeria Whelchel, Staff Writer

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     A good student is one who has a  desire to learn and willingness to work hard and participate. What makes a good student is a perseverance and discipline. Discipline is not a bad thing, but one that will help you work and get your tasks completed.

    Nahriah Glasper says that “A good student shows up to class on time and prepared to work.”

   Showing up to class on time is important so you get all instructions and start on work when everyone else does. Being prepared to work is also important so you know what you are doing and you finish everything on time.

    She also says, “Being respectful and setting high standards for themselves is also an example of a good student.”

   Respect is important, give respect to get it. You should really respect your teachers because they take the time to teach you what you should know. High standards should be set so you know how hard to push yourself and how hard to work.

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