Opinion: Not Enough Time

Chelsea Priest, Staff Writer

Imagine walking down the crowded halls, then looking at your phone and releasing you have one more minute to get to class as you push through all the people the bell rings now you are late. Your heart drops as you reach for the handle knowing it was your second time in this class. You try to explain to your teacher that you have to walk from the other side of campus but they don’t listen.                  

Students rush to get to class every day. Students run down the hall to get to class and when people try to talk to them in the hall their considered rude because they have to get to class. Some students come from the other side of campus and get tardy most days because they can’t get there in time. The new tardy policy makes it more common for students to get in trouble and have it on their permanent record. The student also gets yelled at for running in the halls.

“The hallways are crowded and some classes are further than others,” Say 9th-grade girl list.

There are 4 different grades in the narrows hallways at once which means the hallways are crowded and causes students to take longer to get to class. Students should have more time to get to class due to the crowded hallways and how for the classes are.