Dawgs March To Pasadena


The UGA band knowns as The Redcoats have spent their holidays in the nice sunny weather of California. Spending their time in the city of Pasadena but also countless hours practicing for their big day. For The Redcoats, being part of the Rose Bowl and the parade was never a thought until the champion of SEC in December. They didn’t have much time to practice but they were sure they were going to give it there all. Some people might overlook this but carrying and playing an instrument is hard work especially marching five and a half miles. Before the Rose parade, the Redcoats longest march was for there Homecoming in the fall that was rightfully around a mile.  Comparing one mile to five and a half miles is huge when you are just marching. The Redcoats had one huge practice before they were on their way to Pasadena.


Brenda Galvez just graduated East Hall High School last year and is now a proud Redcoat for UGA. On her first year of being a redcoat, she gets the chance to travel with to them to the  Rose Parade.

Brenda is a biology major on the pre-assistant track and also plays the piccolo for the band. She took some time to answer some questions about her experience. Brenda was asked on how she felt when she found out that she was going to part of the parade she answered, “ I was so excited because I had grown up watching that parade, but I also had no idea what to expect.” Giving the short notice for the band Brenda spoke out on saying, “I feel like our band was totally prepared even though we were given so little time.”

Like it was so short notice it gave them a month to prepared. The whole band had a practice before they left for California and two practices while they were in California. They have left for their journey on December 30th and arrived back on January 2nd. Individually Brenda went to the East Hall Community center several times to walk a couple miles around the track. Just to build up some endurance.  Also, Brenda was shaking what she looks forward to this trip and she answers, “ I was really looking forward to traveling to California because I was born there but never returned since I left as a baby. My favorite part of the trip was, of course, cheering on the Dawgs!” Brenda was most excited about the parade as she has performed pre-games countless already. From this experience, Brenda learns that you should take advantage of all situations that are presented to you. Never in her life did she think that she would be marching in, I quote “ the granddaddy of them all.” She is blessed that her time had the opportunity and that definitely took advantage of it.


The Redcoats took this journey to support their fellow bulldogs that took the victory at the Rose Parade. It was a marvelous game that the Bulldogs perform. But the real show was The Redcoats that perform in amazing halftime show and an outstanding parade.