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Kinsley Fry, Student Life

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School from home brings down a lot of students grades.Teachers choose assignments that are to much for the students to do at home.School from home should be something easy and short.

Most people don’t have internet so making all the assignments on the computer just makes it hard for the students.

“I think it’s stupid.” says Drac from 10th grade

“Better than being here” says 10th grade boy

“I don’t like it” Says 9th grade guy

Lots of kids do not like the school from home they think that it is dumb and a waste of time . But there are some that find it better than school.

School from home can be good so that we don’t have extra days and we get are summer.

It can also be good if there are kids who struggle with being in class they can still do the work and be in the comfort of their home.

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 Keep them separate