End of Course Test Study Cramming

Giselle Zuniga, Staff Writer

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Ecos Study Cramming

Giselle Zuniga


There is only three more months for the school year to come to an end. Seniors will be starting their new journeys, juniors will be seniors, sophomores will be juniors and freshman will be sophomores. Everyone is excited for a new beginning and summer to come already. Unfortunately before all the fun happens comes, there is work that needs to be done in order to finish off strong.

End of Course tests can become very stressful if we don’t do any work before any of the tests. We might think we’ll remember everything that we learned throughout the school year, but trust me we won’t. As I got to my senior year I realized that sometimes we just have to make choices that will benefit us at the end, especially if they have to do with school. I advise every underclassmen to do what is best for them, don’t get lazy and not study because trust me, at least fifteen minutes make a difference. Leaving all the studying to one day isn’t a good idea either, we should plan ahead of time and take a step at a step. Planning ahead of time and figuring out what is what you need more practice on helps a lo. We must not forget that before the rainbow comes, comes the storm we have to remember that phrase.

In the four years that I’ve been here in high school I’ve came to a conclusion, that sometimes we have to sacrifice many things to have a great outcome. For example, if we were to have to an EOC Monday and the Friday before the test we get invited to go out, the best thing to do is to stay in. Staying in would let us have more time to study and concentrate better. High school is not all about studying us our brain out either, there comes fun with it too, but with that fun, comes sacrifices too. We have to use our time and make our choices wisely.

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