Where is the Order

Henry Novas, Publisher

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     The East Hall Track and Field season for 2018 has kicked off and is in full effect.

     Though not all Track and Field teams are perfect, East Hall’s Track and Field team doesn’t even have proper coaching.

     As the sports world knows, without proper coaching, a team can’t win.

     In East Hall’s case, the throwers (shot put and discus) are in jeopardy of going the whole season without proper coaching.

     I interviewed thrower Keith Harris and he said, “The coach comes late all the time. We just here waiting for about 20 minutes doing nothing. And we don’t even have an actual coach to actually coach is. We literally just go out there and throw ourselves.”

     Some throwers from previous seasons have even left the team.

     Thrower for 3 years, Jacob Wade, said, “I left cause it’s like they [coaches] just don’t care. We practiced all year by ourselves, and when we made it to state, they acted like were there for us the whole season.”

     East Hall should definitely look for coaches who are willing to coach throwers.

     It is not fair to treat them like “foster kids.”

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