A night under the stars


A paper lantern filled and surrounded with string lights in Scotts. Students admire the glowing designs while enjoying the snacks and beverages. Picture by Rebecca Pedraza.

Rebecca Pedraza, Staff Writer

On March 16th, 2018, the students of East Hall, attended Scott’s on the Square to party the night away. The dresses, design of the party, and the location would affect the decisions of the students on whether to attend.


The colors used in prom were blue and white, with each table decorated with blue tablecloths. Some centerpieces contained a glowing lantern with string lights surrounding it, or a light up metal chandler. Surrounding the centerpieces were water bottles with “Prom 2018” imprinted on them. The layout of the party had tables near the entrance and on the other side was empty for the dance floor. Across from the dining tables were treats and space to give out drinks.


The typical style of dresses worn to prom ranged from mermaid to princess gowns. Most dresses were bright red, light blue, black, or white. Going to a store far away, or to one unheard of would increase one’s chances of finding an original special dress.


A Senior by the name of Isabell talked about finding her prom dress, “I went to Dillard’s, I was there a while, and tried on at least eight different dresses. I planned to avoid blue, but the dress I settled on was a glittery blue dress, and I like the way It looked on me. The other gowns I tried on did not satisfy me.”


Prom may have looked amazing, but the location of prom was not the best. Surrounding the square were bars and homeless people active at night eyeing the students attending the party. Despite the dangers, officers and teachers were there to protect and help the students stay safe.