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Ms. Claire Alexander

Ms. Claire Alexander


As the new school year came just with new students, new opportunities, there are also new teachers this year. About 18 New teachers have been welcomed to the East Hall home. Claire Alexander is one of them, this is her first year teaching ELA at East Hall High School.


Alexander was asked   a couple question on her experience so far one of them being on why she wanted to work at East Hall High School and with she answered by saying  “ Several of my student friends taught here and they really enjoy the atmosphere here and the other teachers here and said it was a great place to work here.”


She was also asked what makes her teaching unique with she responding that she likes to interact with the students and relate to them on a personal level. Likes to joke around with them but also have a strict classroom. She likes to have a balance of fun and the strict environment when it comes to teaching.


She was also asked what she likes to do in her free time and which is she likes to paint anything with nature, likes to read, play board games with her kids and binge watch tv shows.


Alexander was asked why she got into teaching literature with her by answering, “I really like reading stories and escape reality sort of getting lost in different kinds of literature like myth poems, short stories,  all kinds of genres. It’s just a good escape.”


Overall Alexander is looking forward to getting to know her students and her new staff members. Alexander has enjoyed her time here at East Hall and is excited what the new year will bring.

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