Sexist? Objectifying?

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What’s up Valhalla? Ok. I know it’s been a full month since school started, but already something has been reaching out to me. Boys making cat calls. I have witnessed first hand of being hit on when I don’t want the attention and disrespect. These days boys are asking girls out because of dares. Now I know not every boy is like that. Fellas get some work done. I know that some girls here are spoken for. If she isn’t taken then that still  means she doesn’t like the disrespect. My ladies if you’re taken and a boy starts acting like you’re his girl then put him in his place. Then if you don’t he’s going to keep doing it and who knows how that’s going to go. Boys should be able to take a hint. Especially if the lady makes it very obvious that she’s not interested. Not only giving girls that do not like you nicknames like ” mama”. It’s not only rude but it’s objectifying.

EVIDENCE IS KEY! I have a very reliable source, and she says that so far ‘in the school year that at least 10 students have been to the office because of this type of behavior. I spoke to Ms. Chandler (East Hall’s Counselor) about this topic and said and I quote,

“ Boys have dealt with stuff like this but they aren’t as open as girls.”

She thinks that if boys could open up with someone they feel safe with then they could take this issue at a school wide level.  So if this type of stuff is bothering you then speak up. Nobody deserves to be disrespected like that. So for now let’s hope that things will change for the better. Bye Valhalla, Stay tune for my next article.

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