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What Newspaper?

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What Newspaper?

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Over the years East Hall has introduced a variety of different electives, some of which you may have not known we had. For example,did you know that we had classes to learn languages like French and German? There are so many different electives to choose from, some can overlooked. A prime example of this, Newspaper. But why do so many of our students not know about our school’s paper?


The school Newspaper was introduced here about 10 years ago. The paper is the way that students are being informed about topics such as Current Events, Sports, and Opinions. This is the Newspaper instructor, Mr. Burle’s, 2nd year with our paper, The Valhalla. But if the Newspaper has been an elective for close to 10 years, why do students not know about it? “In years past it hasn’t been a priority. With the paper being online it isn’t as easily accessible for students.“, said Mr. Burle. It is explained that with our paper just being online, students never really knew about it and was not as easily accessed. Also, the Newspaper has never been shown to be a main priority.


This school year the 2018/2019 Newspaper Staff is diligently working on ways to inform students about the Newspaper. Ours schools are very technology based and the Newspaper is working on incorporating media into how we are spreading the word.  You may have noticed when you log into Launchpoint there is a new icon titled “EHHS Online Newspaper.” This link will take you straight to the school’s Online Newspaper for easy access. Now students can read about what’s going on in school with just a click. The staff is also in the process of creating social media accounts account to promote the Newspaper and to get students talking about The Valhalla. These are just a few ways that the staff is going to spread the word.


Even though the staff may be smaller this year these students are working hard to spread the word about the paper. There are many ways that we are working this year about not only informing other students about Newspaper, but informing people about the other elective choices here at the school. By spreading the word students are going to read the Newspaper and may even inspire students to join the staff.

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What Newspaper?