School WiFi in the Dump


Wi-Fi. We all love it, we all hate it, and sometimes, we just wish that East Hall’s Wi-Fi would get its act together. Wi-Fi is a facility, allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area. The word Wifi means “Wireless Fidelity”.


However, we’re not talking about Wi-Fi, we’re specifically talking about School WiFi. When it comes to School Wifi, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes you depend on either your data (A way to access the internet without WiFi) or your VPN (Virtual Private Network), or you just don’t use your phone at all. When it comes to school Wifi, there is at least a problem everyday, such as roaming issues, outdated wireless network designs, not optimizing people’s network for mobile devices, over engineering and under engineering, and poor planning.


Using East Hall’s Wifi in certain areas gets you a good connection, but for other areas you really don’t get a good connection, and rarely some days, the WiFi is out because of technical difficulties or other problems/situations. I recently interviewed some students that have their opinions on the school WiFi. Fellow Student, Hunter Price said, “The school Wifi is ok, but I use my data because the connection at the school is really bad, at least for me I have no problems with my LTE, but I feel like something is wrong with it. You can have connection in some of the school and in other parts you can’t. It’s not terrible but it is pretty bad in my opinion”. Along with him, another Fellow student, Austin Norris says that “It’s slow, it sucks, and it blocks a lot of useful stuff.” An East Hall Senior, Alissa Greeson says that “When I try to use the WiFi, it’s very slow and doesn’t work on my phone that well”. I even went so far to ask Fellow NJROTC Cadets about their opinions. 2nd Year Cadet, Julius Rodriguez says that “It’s wack, for the amount of technology we have and the students, it needs to get better.” Along with him is 3rd Year Cadet, Michelle Cruz says “It’s Slow ,slow ,slow, I use my data”.


So far mostly everybody that I interviewed says that the school WiFi really sucks and it needs to improve more. However, what do you think about the school WiFi? Do you think it’s really good or do you think it’s bad? I’ve left a poll so that you can make that decision, and maybe soon the WiFi to the school will improve a little more than it is now.