Rushing to class


Takiya Harrington

A poster hanging on Comely’s classroom wall

Is five minutes enough time to catch up with friends, use the restrooms, stop by the vending machines and report to class on time? It may take some students the whole time just to arrive to their class due to hallway traffic or distance from their last class. This does not give the individual enough time to stop by the restroom nor chat with friends. A junior named Jamerian G, stated “I don’t even talk to friends during the transition, and I still barely make it to class on time ”. Our tardy policy allows students five minutes to get from class to class, but we aren’t allowed to use the bathroom within the first 15 minutes of class and the last 15 minutes of class. So, if a student doesn’t have enough time to use the restroom before the bell rings they will have to use their class time to go. As teenagers we like to chat and have a little fun before class. With our tardy policy, we aren’t given enough time to socialize. When I asked 10 students from all four grade levels if five minutes was long enough to get from class to class, they all responded that “Five minutes is not enough”. When I asked a current teacher, Robert Comely, he responded “I go by the rules therefore there are no opinions”.  With the mixed point of views, do you think that class change should be extended or keep to the same way and deal with the possibility of being late?