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Officer Chris Alford

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Officer Chris Alford

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Officer Chris Alford

East Hall’s takes school safety for their students and staff very serious. For that matter they hired Chris Alford the new resource officer, after officer Buffington.

Officer Chris Alford became an officer about 11 years ago but became a resource officer in march 2014 at the East Hall Middle School and he switched to East Hall High school this year at 2018. Officer Alford was then asked why he switched from the middle school to the high school and he responded with,“I got an offer there because buffington left but i wanted to learn my job at first so i stuck at the middle school.” After that he was asked on why he became a police officer and then a school resource officer he responded with,“I wanted to be an officer because I was in the army first and then all my friends were people like police and firefighters so I thought about a firefighter than I thought on a different mindset. I started working in a prison but I wanted to work with kids and as they grow up I wanted to help them out because I went through that.”  “Officer Alford what exactly do you do here?” “To make sure the school is safe and to interact with the students, but also making sure I keep them on track to give them good results.”

I then asked both students and teachers about what they thought on him. “He’s very assertive” said Shinay Gonzalez a junior at East Hall. Ruby Sanchez and Jocelyn Reyes both sophomores, who both thought the same thing about him “He’s really nice”,“he’s a good person”. Molly Pierson a native spanish teacher at East Hall “He is really a great guy, he is approachable and I don’t have to be nervous around him but he also gives a sense of safety without being intimidating.” “I like him he’s a good guy” stated commander Melton the NJROTC  teacher. Katey Buffinton a World History teacher thinks he is very nice and friendly.

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This is my first year in newspaper. I am a junior at East Hall High School. I joined Journalism because it seemed like a good idea to have my opinions heard and to also answer people's questions. I enjoy to watch television and I enjoy watching and keeping up with current events of the world. My favorite school subject is science and my least favorite is all of the rest

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Officer Chris Alford