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Homecoming. I know many of you jump with joy at the thought of homecoming. Ladies looking amazing in their dresses. While the fellas are all in their suits trying to match with their dates. The joint jumping from music being blasted by the speakers, the room all dark but with colorful lights.

There are a lot of reasons to love homecoming. I love it too, guys trying to make cute hoco proposals. But then there is a group of ladies that just stands looking at the group of boys across the room, hoping to be asked to dance.

Fellas don’t be standing there, the girl knows not to make the first move unless she doesn’t have a choice. If a girl sparks your interests then ask her to dance, and sweep her off her feet. Then tear up that dance floor, cause it’s worth it. The slow dances are the parts that can make a girl’s night. Those are one of most romantic dances. Alright moving on, so I know girls are already getting ready even though it’s like 5 or 4 weeks away. But it’s better to get it taken care of now rather than later. Next thing you know you won’t have a lot of options. And for homecoming dresses a girl needs her options.  My fellas out there better get to work because as soon as you have a date to Homecoming your date will get you to match with her, in one way or another. Now this is a message for my ladies out there, Ladies if you don’t have a date go with your girl squad and call it a girls night. Though not everyone has a chance to do that very often, then homecoming would be perfect for that opportunity. Alright love y’all. Stay in tune for my next article.

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