Is Digital Learning Day the Next Big Thing?

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A traditional school day is evolving more and more each time we examine it. We have more technology, more classes to choose from, and more advancements in everyday tasks that we have to complete. A new addition that could initially change the way education works is “Digital Learning Day”. Last Year, Hall County decided to add in certain days to only high school schedules where students would stay at home and complete assigned tasks from their teachers. Most schools only do this when there is inclement weather; however, our county has decided to make a change to this tradition.

On September 26th, Hall County will be hosting the first digital learning day of the year. I decided to speak with assistant principal, Renee Carey, to get some extra details about this new tradition. I learned that this month’s day was specifically for high school teachers to have extra planning time and students only had to complete tasks from their core classes. The county was giving back this day to the teachers so that they can work and plan for their classroom. Dr. Carey states, “High School teachers, compared to elementary and middle school teachers, do not get the amount of planning time that other schools get.” During this time, teachers have the opportunity to catch up on instructional planning, calling parents,  grading, and anything else they might be behind on.

A very common question asked from students is, “What am I expected to do if I have no access to internet?” The library will be open all day just for that reason! Students will have to provide their own transportation, but can come anytime during the normal school schedule to complete these activities. They will also have 5 additional days to work on them during school time before they are officially due.

Dr. Carey said,  “These days have really shown a positive effect for teachers because when we have inclement weather, we are able to continue with class and not get behind.” She has surveyed teachers about digital learning days and got a very positive response from them. She hopes to soon do the same with students and hopes for the same outcome! Looking towards the future, Carey believes that digital learning days will become more of a trend in other surrounding schools because it gives students another learning style.

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