East Hall Competition Cheer

2018 East Hall High School Competition Cheer Team.


2018 East Hall High School Competition Cheer Team.

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When people say “fall sports”, what do you think of? Football, softball, volleyball? One very important fall sport that most people forget about is competition cheerleading. All of their hard work and dedication should not be looked over, that is why I decided to get the inside scoop about this season.

I spoke with 3rd-year varsity competition cheerleader, Shante Lanyon, about her experience with competition cheer and what the East Hall community should expect to see from them. Lanyon talked about how much the team has bonded and how much closer their relationships are, not only with the varsity team but also J.V. “I am so proud of all of us this year. We have pushed harder to grow as a team and individually!” The team has shown tremendous growth from the previous years to now. Out of their three competitions so far, they have placed 3rd at one and 2nd at the other two. Lanyon says that “This year has been so much different than previous because I think we all want to win so much more.”  When asked what she thought they improved most on, I got a very assertive answer that their stunts are hitting so much more!

As the season is wrapping up, I wanted to show the schools appreciation to the team and let them know how important they are to us! Make sure to come out and support them at their next competitions!

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