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Senior Spotlight: Jennifer Grimaldo

Jennifer Grimaldo at HoPe conference.

Jennifer Grimaldo at HoPe conference.

Jennifer Grimaldo at HoPe conference.

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Jennifer Grimaldo is in her last year of high school ready to make memories. She is the president of HoPe and is one of the representatives for her senior year class Homecoming Court. Grimaldo has been looking forward to her senior year ever since she was a freshman. This year nothing is stopping her from having the best last year of school.


Grimaldo was asked a couple questions on how she is going to make this year full of memories, to which she answered by saying, “ I’m going to try to be part of school events, I want to go to homecoming, prom and so more other things. I just want to do everything.” She went on saying that she wants to experience all these things with her closest friends this year.


Grimaldo was asked what her goals are this year to which she went on saying, “ My goal this year is to keep up with my work this year. Not to fall behind in class and just try not to have a senior crisis this year.” Grimaldo was asked what are her plans after high school with she spoke out on saying that she wants to hopefully go to Texas and study there or go to UNG.


Grimaldo is ready to make this year count. She is ready to work her hardest and make time for what really is important this year. She gathers the very last moment she has in high school to make them worth her while.


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Senior Spotlight: Jennifer Grimaldo