Teacher Spotlight-Commander Melton

Teacher Spotlight-Commander Melton

Commander Jimmy Melton is the ROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor. He started co-teaching the East Hall School students in the 2017-2018 school year with Donald Miller.

I asked Commander Melton why he started teaching at East Hall High school. And he responded with, “ Well the East Hall staff and students make the school a welcoming environment.”

Commander Melton before he started teaching at East Hall High he was in the United States Navy for 30 years as chief engineer.

Lastly i asked him, What do you plan to do different or what’s your plan on teaching now that it’s only you? He than quoted ”I plan to carry on with the fun activities while also enforcing the standards outlined in the ROTC Cadet Field Manual.”

Irving Flores a sophomore here at East hall high School spoke out about commander and said “I like him better than Chief Miller because he’s more laid back yet he is more strict on uniforms. But he does funner activities and puts more effort in teaching us.”

To sum it all up Commander Melton has done great things for the ROTC at East Hall High and has many more plans to make this program the best it can and prepare the cadets for their future in military careers.