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Say Hello

Hello week, what is it you may ask, well I’m about to tell you, Sandy Hooks Elementary is a school where it all started with a 20 Year old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 students dead along with 6 teachers  in a Terrible school shooting that happened December 14, 2012.  


Teachers and parents shocked and upset not knowing what to do trying to figure out a simple solution and that’s what they decide to make a promise which is called the sandy hook promise that provides helping students and teacher with a friendly hello with this promise is shows people that they are not alone and neglected. Research shows that school shooting happens when a student is being bullied or lack of attention from families and friends some even suffer from mental illnesses like depression and may even thought of suicide.

So please students and teacher in all schools support on another by say a simple greetings like hello, just to let yall  know that you are not alone in this wacky and twisted world we all ask are self is it worth being here well the answer to that is we are worth something in this gifted we call life.

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