Manage Your Time

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We (as students) all know that we don’t have the best time management in the world. Our teachers always tell us to use our time wisely, but do we really? Do we really use our time wisely as students?


As students our jobs are to do the things assigned to us, study them, and make a decent grade in the test or quiz. We are supposed to find that little bit of free time to do some class work if needed. Sometimes we don’t even have extra class work to do so that time would be great for studying if you have a test some time in the week. The best way to manage your time is to make a to do list. List out things that would take the least amount of time to the most amount of time. Do the things that will take the least amount of time first to get them out of the way.


Or you could try to fit things into your schedule. If you play sports or do any after school activity you might maybe find it hard to do school work like homework. Try to find that little sliver of time, even if it’s only five minutes, work at least three math problems or study notes for that one class that has a test at the end of the week.

Another thing you can do is USE ADVISEMENT TIME!!! It’s literally there for students who don’t have the extra time to do class work.


Wanting to see if students actually used their time wisely one students was interviewed.

In the interview when asked how do you manage your time she answered with,”I try to use some of my free time to finish something for school.”  

When asked does she use advisement time for school work she replied with, “Yes and I also do some of the homework in class the day it’s assigned.”


Now this doesn’t speak for all of the students, maybe you get all of your school work in one day. But for the people who wait until the last minute to start on something manage your time.

So here’s your homework, manage your time and do NOT wait until the last minute.

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