School Stress, Then and Now

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We all know school wasn’t the same as when our parents were in school. They more or less had it simpler than we do today. Any time you have asked for help on a math worksheet/ and or homework your parents or guardians scratched their head in confusion. They don’t know how to do the work we do today so asking our parents for help is useless.


This is not a rant on why school is the worst, no. This is about how over the years school’s have become more complex in their learning styles and how different they were when our teachers were still in school.


Mrs. Fair, a biology teacher here at East Hall Middle School, described what school was like when she was in school. When asked what school was like back when she was in school as responded with, “It was kind of the same as school is now but less interactive. We sat in our desks and took notes all period.”


When asked about how stressful school was for her she answered with “The academic classes weren’t stressful for me but the drama that came with school was the most stressful part for me.”


When asking Alayna, as student here at East Hall, how stressful school was for her on a scale of 1 through 10 she answered with a five. When asked why a five she responded with,” Because five is in the middle so it’s like 50 50 I guess.”

When asked what was the most stressful class she has she said, “Chemistry. It makes zero sense and the teacher hardly prepares or teaches us for the test.”


That was only one student’s say on how stressful school is for her but other students might go on a whole rant on why school is so stressful and how they hate it.


As schools advance so does the stress. Teens in school today might associate school stress with the amount of homework their teachers give them, the amounts of tests having to be taken on the same day and/ or the overwhelming-ness of it all.


Go home and ask your parents/ guardians what school was like for them. Ask them how


stressful school was for them and think about your own school stress.  

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