Senior Spotlight: Jose Cruz


Tania Gonzalez

Jose Cruz helping out at the Boys and Girls Club

This senior spotlight goes to Jose Cruz.  Jose Cruz is a senior this year and one way that he is making his senior year count is by giving back to the community. Cruz is ready to make his senior year count by helping out as much as possible.

Cruz has so far done 19 hours of community service for his hours that go into HoPe. He has helped out in the Boys and Girls Club, food bank, translating for the middle school and elementary on parent night events.


   Cruz was asked why he enjoys doing community service to which he answered with, “I just  like to just go and help out and it’s always fun to help with like a group.”


   Cruz was asked what has been his favorite part about the community to which he went on explaining that he enjoys going to the Boys and Girls Club. He likes to go and help out the kids with their homework or just talking to them in general.


   Cruz spends a lot of his time working after school and when he is not, he is serving his community. He is making this senior year count and ready to take on whatever challenge that might come his way.