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East Hall High school girls volleyball team

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The East Hall girls’ varsity volleyball team is close to an end and is ready to finish off the season with the 7 AAA Region Tournament at Morgan County High School.

Ted Deppe, a teacher here at East Hall High School who teaches Intro to Graphic and Design, is the head coach for the girl’s volleyball team. This is his 17th year coaching the girl’s volleyball team for East Hall High School.

I asked Deppe how he is preparing the girls for the tournament, he responded with “ We have been preparing for the tournament since June. My girls have put in countless hours preparing for the postseason and we are ready to play.”

I asked him what the strengths and weaknesses of the team were and Deppe answered with “Team unity is our #1 strength. When we play together we are hard to beat. Our biggest weakness is not letting go of mistakes. The girls are hard on themselves when they make mistakes so I just try to let them know it is alright to make mistakes as long as we are playing hard.”

A Roster of the team members for the girls volleyball team, #3 Nehemiah Jinks, #4 Andrea Ayon, #5 Alysia Teague, #7 Ivey Shadburn, #9 Kaylee Fletcher, #10 Katie Baugh, #11 Savannah Thellman, #12 Tessa Rider, #15 Janelly Lara, #18 Lakeria Whelchel, #19 Elizabeth Mojica, #23 Yamilet Anariba and #24 Melissa Dominguez.

#24 Melissa Dominguez, a player on the team was asked on the matter of how she thinks they are doing on the team and her opinions.“ well I play on the right. And yeah I think we’re doing good as a team and all. But coach always pushes us to do our best”

Deppe was finally asked to recap the season and he said how they had a really good season and the wins and losses are 35 wins and 15 losses. He then explained how they lost a lot of talent and also had some unknowns coming this year. And lastly, he said “The girls have really come together throughout the season and finishing region runner-up was a great accomplishment. If we play well, the sky’s the limit for these girls”

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East Hall High school girls volleyball team