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Teacher Spotlight- Ryan Burle

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Mr. Ryan Burle is one of East Hall students most favored American Literature teacher. Mr. Burle went to Georgia Southern for one year and then transferred to the University of Georgia where he was on the rowing team. He then graduated in 2011 and his teaching journey at East Hall High School began in 2016. Mr. Burle teaches American Literature, American Literature honors, and journalism. When asked what his favorite part of teaching at East Hall was, he stated that “They give me a lot of freedom to be creative in the way I teach, so I choose to do a lot of projects and let the students decide on the way they do it.” He also praised the students for being “..very outgoing, creative, and respectful.” His most memorable teaching moment was on his first day of teaching. He came into the classroom not knowing what to expect, but when he left, he had a feeling of relief knowing that he could do this thing! A typical day for Mr. Burle starts around 5:45 to get bottles for his triplets ready before his wife wakes up. He arrives to school around 7:30 and gets things in order to start the school day. He goes home and spends time with his toddlers until 6:30 and puts them to sleep. After the busy day, he finally gets a moment to spend time with his wife. He is so appreciated here at East Hall High School and we could not be more thankful for what he does inside and outside of the school!

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Teacher Spotlight- Ryan Burle