Urban Legends

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Urban legends


Welcome all to spoopy hour. For the rest of the month of October there will be scary stories, ghost stories  and more. So for the first spoopy hour scary stories we’re looking at creepy urban legends.


  1. This first urban legend comes from Mexico. It’s about a mother who is was named Maria (aka. La Llorona) who threw her children into a river when she found out her husband had been unfaithful to her but immediately regretting what she had done. Legend says that if you go to the rivers or Arroyos after dark you might come across her crying spirit. She wears what’s described as a ghostly an  all white lace outfit. Seeing her will bring death so when you see her, LEAVE!!


  1. Hey want to visit Japan? No you don’t not after this. In Japan there is a superstition that a spirit lives in the open gaps of furniture and slightly open doors.If you are to see this girl she’ll ask you to play hide and seek, if you say yes and if you see the girl again you are automatically transported to the underworld. Here’s a tip, don’t leave gaps anywhere in your house.


  1.  This story was featured last year but it deserves to be spoken again once more.

This legend is called Kuchisake Onna are the slit mouth woman. She was the wife of a samurai warrior, when he found out about her cheating he slit both sides of her mouth.

Now she walks the streets after sunset on foggy days wearing a surgical mask approaching citizens. She would then ask if she looked pretty. Answering “yes” she would take off the mask and ask again. If answered “yes” she would proceed to take out a pair of scissors and cut the mouth of the person. If they answered “no” she would produce a scythe and cut the person in half. There is a trick though, tell her she looks average. This would confuse her and she will walk away. (Don’t know if that trick works.)


If you have any scary stories of your own or some you’d like to share write them in the comments Here are the sites that these came


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