Shooting Near East Hall

On October 13th, a Man was shot my hall county police. It began with a call about a man pointing a gun at neighbors and set one of the victims house in fire. Hall county SWAT team responded immediately. SWAT held a six hour standoff trying to communicate before they fired their guns and shot the gunman. I talked to a student with a student who witnessed a little of the situation. As I spoke to Anonymous, they told me “as I was getting ready for work I heard my mother telling me go up to your room and stay there. I was very nervous and worried because I didn’t want to be late for work. She came up the stairs and informed about how there was a man holding neighbors hostage.” I continued my questioning and the persons final words about the shooting was “I was very scared and never thought that something so serious could happen so close to me”. The end result of the te shooting was that no one was harmed and the gunman was shot by Authority.