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For the last spoopy hour we’ll be telling ghost stories that might be true.


  1. Number one is about a babysitter. Now you may have heard many versions of this story but here’s one of the versions.

A few years ago a mother and a father decided to have a date night so they hired a trusted babysitter. When the babysitter gets there the kids are already asleep in bed. She gets bored and wants to watch tv so she goes to the parents room since the downstairs tv didn’t have cable. She calls and asked the parents for permission to watch tv in their room. Once she gets the okay she goes to watch tv. In the room she calls and asked if she could cover up the angel statue because it was making her nervous. There was a silence then they said, “Get the kids, we’ll call the police… we don’t have an angel statue. When the cops arrived they found the kids and the babysitter slumped in their own pool of blood.


Another version of this was of the same scenario but instead of a angel statue it was a clown statue. The same goes as the parents want to go on a date night so they called a babysitter. The mom pulls the babysitter aside and asked could she watch tv in their room. Her kids have been having nightmares and waking up screaming. She agrees. She puts the kids to bed and goes to the parent’s room. As she watches tv she glances at the clown statue, it was staring at her. She got freaked out and watched tv down stairs. The parents called and asked if everything was okay. She said yes and told them that she watched tv downstairs because their clown statue was creeping her out. There was a silence. The mom said, “Get the kids and get out of the house… we don’t own a clown statue.” The babysitter runs up the stairs but she was too late. The kids were dead.


  1. This story is about a man and a hotel room. A man walked into a hotel and asked for a room. The woman behind the desk gave him a room key and told him what his room was but told him not to go into a certain room. She told him it was a storage room and it was out if bound. She kept reminding him before allowing him to go upstairs, he followed her wishes.

The man still wondered about the forbidden room so the next day he looked through the keyhole. There he saw a very pale woman looking through the keyhole. When he checked out of the hotel the lady behind the desk asked if he looked in the room. He said yes, she then told him that a man murdered his wife. They were both pale, they seemed to have no color. But their eyes were a deep red.

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