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Trick or Treat, so Tots can Eat

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There is no better way to celebrate Halloween this year, but by giving back to those who are in less fortunate places. The way we achieved this was by putting on the charity event “Trick or Treat, so Tots can Eat.” Our Viking Vision Theatre Group stepped and gave back this season. On Wednesday October 31st, our Theatre group put on this production 5 out of the 7 periods in the Performing Arts Center. This is the way the East Hall Community gave back this Halloween.


Trick or Treat, so Tots can Eat is an event in which money is raised for the less fortunate. A play was performed, including 3 scenes of various Halloween stories including a dance battle. Although this production is silly and is sure to get some laughs, there was so much that went into putting on this event. To be able to attend this productions students needed 2 canned goods and ID badge. The 2 cans will go to the children who are in need and is why this entire production was put on. These kids and their families will be provided food to eat. I had the chance to speak with the Theatre teacher Mrs. Jordan about this production and why our Viking Vision Theatre Group put on this fundraiser.


“ This show was put on as a charity event among the International Thespian Society to give food to those in less fortunate places.”


As well as having 2 cans, students also needed to make sure that they had their ID badge so they could get into the production. If you did not have these things you would not be able to attend this performance. This event went on 5 out of the 7 class periods in the school day. Students were called by their advisement meaning certain advisements would go during certain class periods of the day.

In all, “Trick or Treat, so Tots can Eat” has been a very big event prepared for that will truly impact all of those who were involved. The community came together to gather in total 971 cans that are going to be donated. This is how our cast, administration, and students contributed and gave back this Halloween.

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Hi, I’m Chesney Wilbanks with the East Hall Newspaper. This is my first year at the newspaper as well as my first year at East Hall High School. You may have seen me at the football games in the Marching Band. I am in the Colorguard and am a first year marcher. This will also be my 3rd year in Tome Society. Outside of school I enjoy going to the mall with my friends. I also enjoy going to the Free Chapel Youth Group. This year I would like to write about things currently happening here. Whether that’s sports, upcoming events, or writing about my opinion, I want to write things that people are going to want to read more of.

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Trick or Treat, so Tots can Eat