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Scary Spirit Crashed in School?!?

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Scary Spirit Crashed in School?!?

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Scary Spirit Crashed in School?!?


Mostly everyone loves October’s most important holiday, Halloween, the chance to scare people’s socks off, showing people off with your cool and amazing costumes, having fun with your friends and family as you watch scary movies or go trick or treating, or your average “Trunk or Treat” Event, and most importantly, candy and any other treat you can get in your basket. However we do not have a day off from school on halloween, unfortunately, but however, with the exception of not going to school, some schools let us wear our special halloween costume and have parties.


You heard me right, “some” schools do all that stuff, however there are some schools who are strict about celebrating this particular popular holiday. From most public schools across the country, they are trying their hardest to “eliminate traditional Halloween celebrations”. Is it because of a cultural or religious sensitivity, or distraction from learning, or any other excuse to tell children to dress up in their costumes and that parades, parties, or candy exchanges will no longer be allowed. Even some parents forbid Halloween as a good holiday cause they condemned Halloween as a holiday celebrating “devil worship”. There are also schools that have children wear “realistic” masks and costumes that is “disturbing”.


I interview some students and asked if they were a principal at a school ,would allow halloween parties, candy, and costumes whether they’re “realistic or not”. “Yes”, said by NJROTC Cadet Melody Dunagan, “I would because Halloween is a holiday where kids get to go out and be kids and dress up and get candy for doing it and can just let loose and have fun”. “Yes”, said East Hall Student Sahvana Sands, “I would because I feel like the kids have the right to wear what they want”. Lastly by NJROTC Cadet Roman Ramirez “Maybe a lil halloween party over the weeknd in the lunch room or somn and only costumes that aren’t sexual.”


Therefore a lot of students would allow any Halloween costume to be worn and also allow to have Halloween Parties.


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Scary Spirit Crashed in School?!?