Honduran Caravan??

Have you heard of the Honduran Caravan lately on the news? If not let me tell you the basics. The Honduran Caravan, as I said, is from the Central American country of Honduras. At least 4,000 Hondurans have fled their country because of the violence or because they want the chance of a better life in the United States. Sadly, that might have to wait considering most of them are stuck on a bridge between Mexico.  Little by little, a few of them are either swimming or taking handmade rafts and paddling to shore. They are hoping to get to the United States, except they have to get through the bridge. They are there without food, water, or restrooms. So the only chance that they really have is swimming.


Our president is trying to keep them out of the country when our country was created because people wanted freedom. He sent 800 U.S troops to the border. I know he’s being practical because you may never know what can happen. But most of those 4,000 hondurans are families. We already had problem with family separations between children and their parents. I’m sure we all don’t want something like that to happen again. Those families fled their country because they don’t want their children to grow up in a place where it’s not safe.

I understand that 4,000 people are a lot. I know that there have been some comments on the entire situation. One of them is  “they’re invading”, if it was going to be an invasion they would have sent an army. Not 4,000 civilians, who just want a better life for themselves. I know that there has been a lot of tension in our country ever since the presidential elections 2 years ago. But things like this can NOT keep happening. Our country has been divided by either race or whether you’re a man or a woman. I understand that our country has been through a lot of things. But the change starts with us, not just the country but it’s people. We came to this country for freedom, so let’s give the people want they’re all looking for. The Honduran Caravan should be allowed in the U.S because they are looking for a second chance a fresh start.  


The Declaration of Independence’s first 3 words are “ We The People” and now even more than a 1,000 years later we need to welcome them with open minds and open hearts. Stay tuned for my next article!