Love Pink And Support

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Love Pink And Support

By David Perez
The NJROTC at East Hall High went out to the Gainesville square last Saturday on October 20th to support and encourage the Females and Males with Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer is a disease that males and females can get ages 41-60, Breast Cancer has caused 41,400 deaths per year with the rate of Females with 40,920 and Males with 480 that have died with cancer. So please come and donate a dollar a day to the hospital or look in a website to support cancer.

The NJROTC has even donated 200 dollars to the breast cancer awareness Program by selling bright pink shirts with a beautiful ribbon at East Hall High School.

In an interview with Elizabeth Dudley she answered a question about
“What’s the first when she hears the word cancer” she replied saying, “Well the first thing I think of is when I hear the word cancer is that is not a death sentence. Cancer doesn’t mean that your going to die, cancer is just an obstacle you need to cross over to make you stronger as a person in the inside and the outside”

So wear pink and support the loved ones around you even if its a stranger because doing the right thing can make someone happy, and life a little better knowing that they have hope and support.

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