Senior Spotlight: Takiya Harrington


Ashyn Veceillo

Takiya Harrington in journalism

Our senior spotlight this week goes to Takiya Harrington. Harrington has been attending East Hall High school all year and is ready to take on this Senior year with a positive attitude. Harrington didn’t waste a heartbeat her high school years into making it memorable.  Since Freshman year all the way to senior year she has been part of the East Hall High marching band. Takiya has been apart of the Track team,but this year she is trying out for the Tennis team. This year she is also taking on co-editor of the East Hall Newspaper, The Valhalla. Her goals this year is to keep on track and to of course graduate, but always want to makes this the most memorable and best year of high school.


Harrington plans after high school is to go to Kennesaw State University to major in nursing. Her goal is to be pediatrician later on. She plans on staying in Kenesaw to be a Pediatrician but it still undecided on that part of her future.


She was asked about what she is different doing this year, with what she answered,


“This year I’m more determined and focus on my school work and mostly focus on my future.”


Harrington has also been involved in many after-school activities as Student Council, Marching Band, and Track. She spoke out about that in the past she did the 400 and 100 for Track and is also the section leader of the Clarinets.


Harrington was asked one how she was going to make her senior special and said,


“ Just live it up, just have fun and enjoy it, because this is my last year.”


Arely Adame (11) has known Takiya since her freshman year going into Band she spoke about how she really enjoy being part of the Marching Band with Takiya.


“ I love her, she’s so funny and never fails to make me laugh. I’m also going to miss her next year.”


Vanessa Chanon (10) spoke about her band member saying,


“ She is very outgoing, she makes friend with everyone and is easy for her to make friends. She will talk to everyone and doesn’t matter who you are, she talks to everyone.”


She is excited to start this year with her friends and is ready to take on this year with everything she has.