Middle School Lock down ?!

Middle School Lock down ?!

The lockdown that occured at the middle school happened because of a gun possession. A 6th-grader was in possession of a loaded gun. East Hall Middle was in a lockdown for about 45 minutes until they finally caught the student. The student had no intention of causing any harm,  but he should have thought it through because the consequences of bringing a weapon to a school may affect the rest of his life. This incident will also damage his reputation.


Ever since the Florida shooting that took place last year, there have been several more shootings both at schools or at large gatherings. For example, the California shooting last week, a shooting at a music festival, and many more along the way. All those deaths and for what?! Absolutely nothing has been done to protect the people in our country. There have been deaths caused by guns and nothing seems to change. The student that started the school wide panic, broke the law of possessing a firearm without a license and reckless endangerment.


Nothing has been done about the gun laws. There have been protests, but no action have been taken. No restrictive laws have been put in place. So many people have lost their lives, so many families have lost someone they love. My little brother goes to the middle school. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get a call saying my brother has been shot, or worse. Innocent people have lost their lives because there has been easy access to guns. A teenager killed 17 people at a high school in Florida last year. He was a minor, and he took the lives of innocent people without hesitation.  


In the California shooting 12 innocent people lost their lives, and  there’s no coming back from death. Our school has already suffered a shooting threat with the student being in possession of a gun. Now we also have to deal with worrying about the middle school kids who are only a couple years younger than us.


So many lives have been taken because we don’t act on the current issue. There have even been protests at our nation’s capital, yet nothing has been done. The school board  was thinking of arming our teachers with guns, but that can put us in just as much danger as someone shooting up the school. Bad situations happen everyday, and everyone has a breaking point. Even teachers can open fire on their students if they   Many more lives will end up being taken if we don’t act on it. We need to start now, before more children don’t get to see their 20th birthday, or getting married, or graduate college. We need to start now, high schoolers can help make that change. Gun safety classes can be enforced, or we could  posting threats or stop joking about shooting up the school.