The Valhalla Introduces Vivid Vikings


Chesney Wilbanks

The Vivid Vikings category.

The Valhalla Newspaper has been diligently working on expanding over the past few months, specifically on the topics they cover. There have always been informative categories including: Sports, Arts and Entertainment, Student Life and a few select others. A category that was recently noticed to be missing was a platform where students could post creative content that maybe doesn’t fit in the other categories already on the homepage of The Valhalla. A place where any student could express their thoughts in any way they choose. The new category, Vivid Vikings, includes original short stories, poems, songs, or anything creative.


The Vivid Viking category of the Newspaper is open to anyone who has any type of creative content that they want to share with our students. The Newspaper has been recently trying to expand this category. The Valhalla Instagram page also featured the Vivid Vikings. Stories in this category made its first appearance in October with “Urban Legends and Scary Ghost Stories” written by Dinasia Simpson. Here is a small part of what this new category has to offer.


“Hey want to visit Japan? No, you don’t not after this. In Japan, there is a superstition that a spirit lives in the open gaps of furniture and slightly open doors.If you are to see this girl she’ll ask you to play hide and seek if you say yes and if you see the girl again you are automatically transported to the underworld. Here’s a tip, don’t leave gaps anywhere in your house.”


I had the opportunity to speak to Mauriana Gilbert, a member Creative Writing Club here at East Hall, in regards to East Hall implementing more creative writing platforms such as the Creative Writing Club and The Valhalla.


“It’s definitely a positive thing that East Hall is making a program to allow more students to freely express themselves through writing.“

Our staff is working each day on expanding what content we put on the newspaper to intrigue and inspire more and more students. If you have anything that you want to share with our school, you can visit Mr. Burle in room 125 about getting your creative content on this new section of the Newspaper.