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Teacher Spotlight : Commander Melton

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Teacher Spotlight : Commander Melton

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This week’s Teacher Spotlight goes to Commander Melton from ROTC.  As we all know there are many students in ROTC, but the teacher for it is a different story. You may have seen Commander Melton at the Veteran’s Day Assembly a few weeks ago, but there is always more to him.


Commander Melton was in the Navy for 30 years of his life. Commander Melton mentioned that he wanted to teach ROTC was because of his time in the Navy.  He mentioned that he likes the Teachers and the community. And that he thinks that the students here at East Hall are very caring.


“ I was in the Navy for about 30 years and I enjoyed it,” said Commander.


This may be his 2nd year at East Hall, but with how many students there are in ROTC it’s easy to see that they enjoy the class. Along with how much they care about their commander,  students have said many good things about ROTC. New students join every year, and the Seniors graduate and move on with their lives. We even have graduates that come to pay visits to the school, some of them being a part of ROTC. ROTC has affect many lives, and it’s going to continue to do so.


ROTC is like another family, and family means everything. The ROTC family will keep growing as the years go on but the cadets will always remember Commander Melton. Not just for his years of Service, but because of the kind of love he brings into ROTC. He deserves this week’s teach spotlight, whether he knows it or not.

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Teacher Spotlight : Commander Melton